May 7th, 2020

It really sucks!!

F1 2019

November 1st, 2019

Been a little short of updates I think! Looking forward to the new rules in 2021, hopefully things will improve!!

Kimi Raikkonen impression done by Sebastian Vettel – YouTube

December 10th, 2011

Ever since he burst onto the scene I cant help but really warm to Seb Vettel. An F1 driver with a personality!! Whatever next?!




Rowan Atkinson – Indian GP Reaction

October 30th, 2011

My word the reaction that Rowan Atkinson gave the Massa/Hamilton coming together was first class. Perhaps Sky TV could employ him next season to give reactions to all the wonderful on track action at the moment. One of the best celeb displays EVER seen. 🙂 Comments welcome


Vettel 2011 Champion?

September 19th, 2011

Well it appears that the 2011 season is all but over with Sebastien Vettel all but assured a second world championship. Nothing can be taken away from the chap as he has dominated, made fewer mistakes and been more consistent than his rivals, including it has to be said team mate Mark Webber.

Red Bull as a team will have consistency of driver line up next year, but Webber must look to raise his game considerably or he will surely be out with the RedBull driver talent wagon constantly bringing on new drivers.

Who will it be for 2012 then? I feel that a Ferrari revival may be in order, with McLaren close by as always. It would be excellent for some sort of Mercedes performance increase, with Ross Brawn predicting only a small step forward however maybe not! I predict that Michael Schumacher may stay on after several great racing battles this year, the guy is just lacking a decent car.

Happy Christmas 2010!

December 22nd, 2010

Just a quick message to wish everyone a happy Christmas and all the best for 2011, it’s been great to finally get something setup on this website and I’ll be looking to improve on the site in the coming year as time allows. In terms of visitors, unique visitor numbers are starting to increase this month we may pass 100 for the first time. Need to keep working on increasing content!!

The 2010 Title Decider

November 13th, 2010

Well another season is almost over and for the most part I have been impressed with the quality of the racing over the year, however who deserves to be the champion? Lets look at the options in no particular order:

Mark Webber

For many the “People’s Champion” Mark epitomises the passionate racer who simply loves what he does for a living. At one point a massive lead looked set to give Webber the title but that disastrous Korean Grand Prix set him back.

He cannot afford to pootle round at this race, but must finish at least fifth giving him 10 points to clear Alonso, with him scoring no points. Having a stronger team mate than Alonso has with Massa this season should help him in terms of strategy, but any dodgy team orders will surely leave a nasty taste in the mouth of fans worldwide, or would it when we look at his biggest title challenger.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso has brought the Scuderia back this season, starting with a spectacular win on his debut for the team at Bahrain. Along with that strong point scoring drives, podium places reminiscent of his Renault championships have kept him in the hunt.

Confidently stating that he would be in the hunt for the title at the seasons end seemed ludicrous at the continued dominance of Red Bull but he managed to win at Italy and Singapore to bring himself right back into the fight.

For all that, the car swap team orders at the German Grand Prix have tarnished what has been a superb fighting comeback over the season. He is in a dominant position in terms of points, but perhaps less in terms of morals!

Sebastian Vettel

On the face of it Red Bull’s “Number One” driver, given preferential treatment by the team at Silverstone with the wing-gate incident. No matter what Seb is a future world champion, his spectacular drive for his first win at Monza set the stall for his career.

Mathematically if the other three contenders all fall out then Seb simply needs to finish 2nd or higher. The fact that he is not the

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis simply has to win to get the 2010 crown, but the other contenders all need to not finish in the points a massive undertaking. McLaren have had a reasonable season with both drivers winning races, but Hamilton overall has been the dominant partner in terms of laps led over his team mate and points scored.

In free practice McLaren looked good so he has potential to be in the title deciding mix, although more likely to be affecting others battles than winning outright.

My own view

Written before qualifying, this is my stab in the dark as to what’s going to happen. I feel that Alonso will simply aim to finish second in the race in another classic “percentage” performance, the race pace of McLaren is going to be his biggest obstacle to that but i can see something affecting Webber in the Red Bull.

Can nice guys win in F1? I for one hope so, COME ON MARK! (For 2010 at least!)

Renault and Tyre Wars

March 22nd, 2010

The extremely banal first race of the 2010 season has led to some people baying for the blood of Max Mosley the former FIA president who brought about this raft of changes to the technical regulations to create "closer" and "more exciting" racing. A large section of F1 press types seem to have decided it’s now due to the single tyre manufacturer currently in the sport, having a tyre war, so the theory is would make the racing more exciting.

The last competitor to Bridgestone was Michelin who left F1 at the end of 2006, winning the championship with Fernando Alonso and Renault. During Alonso’s two championships the Renault team enjoyed rich success with Michelin, using a special suspension system developed in conjunction with the tyre maker and ignored by every other Michelin competitor. Races had been won on Michelin prior to this, but for the most part they were the second tyre supplier in F1, Bridgestone being dominant in previous years with the Ferrari team.

When Renault became super competitive in 2005 F1 was excited, here finally was a challenge to the then crushingly dominant Ferrari team, here was the answer to all of those "dull" races; however this author saw a large problem with this. One team’s dominance was swapped for another, it was nice to see another team lead the standings but it was the same dull repetitive results. Michelin was dominant to the tune of seconds a lap, the one interesting race I can remember was at Imola between Alonso and a resurgent Michael Schumacher, who harried and hounded yet could still not find a way past Alonso. Some said it was a changing of the guard, Schumacher’s day had come and Alonso was the new guy in town, some said the engine was the problem, others the car, to me it was simply down to tyres and when Michelin left I seemed to be proved correct; Renault were nowhere.

Since those days Alonso left and returned, cheated (or others did for him) on his first return victory for the team, but deservedly won his second, for the most part he was nowhere to be seen a shadow of his former self. I bet he wishes he’d kept a few sets of those tyres hanging around, and so do Renault, very much a "C" team in F1 now, whilst perhaps not in engine, certainly in chassis design.

Tyre wars result in one crushingly dominant tyre, leading to races around that tyre manufacturer with cars very close in performance, the "other guys" tyres are tenths or maybe even seconds slower, sure it looks fun on paper but the actual racing is no more interesting at the front, where it matters. Another idea is required, banning wings might be it…

Monza Signs New Contract

March 19th, 2010

Racing at one of F1’s historic venues is secure with the news that Monza has signed a five year extension. Monza has thrown up some exciting races even in the brief time I’ve watched F1, 97 with Alesi on pole and looking sure for the win only for Coulthard to pip him in a pitstop, 99 with Frentzen winning in the Jordan and Hakkinen crashing then crying in the woods and of course Vettel winning the race for Minardi (sorry Scuderia Torro Rosso, sorry Torro Rosso).

Formula 1 is a world away from the sport I started watching in 1997 even, things have to move and some of the new tracks have been dreadful, but every year dull races get thrown up and no matter if it’s an historic or new venue it is sometimes just dull to watch, like football is sometimes, like rugby is always (sorry rugby fans). I never apologise for the dull events to anyone, I just look forward to the next race.

My personal favourite Monza moment? Well sadly it’s not a real one, it involves a very old F1 game called Grand Prix 2, I played this game for years and years, working on setups and just having fun with it. Towards the end with highly tuned setups I could even race the back of the grid cars to race victories and one I still think about now was using David Brabham’s Simtek-Ford to win at Monza, on the ace difficulty level, lap after lap holding the speedier Michael Schumacher behind me. Would that be anyone elses favourite Monza moment? Well everyone loves an underdog, and although Torro Rosso was well funded when it won that race, it did so with class a wry smile crossing my face, as the commentators celebrated Vettels historic win, I felt like I’d already achieved that many years ago with the Simtek Ford, what Nick Wirth would have given for that in real life during that awful awful season.

Bahrain 2010

March 18th, 2010

Just a few words on the first race, well the new season is here in a new decade promising excitement, no politics*, and excitement. New teams are here in the shape of Lotus, Virgin Racing and HRT; new teams are always exciting and it’s good to have some proper backmarker potential for a chance, Toyotas 2001 entry was just too slick and well planned, points after a first race, pah! Apart from that the reappearance of Mr Michael Schumacher is frankly way beyond cool to me, the guy had faults just like Senna, Prost, Mansell, before him but my god some of his race victories will live forever. Hungary 1998 will never be forgotten by me, a sublime performance.

To briefly go to the opposite of sublime performance for a moment, this post marks my first foray into McLaren hating territory the grey team from Woking to me symbolises the death star F1 team, the ultimate in Formula One supporting menace. Those brave grey boys from McLaren have destroyed F1 for me in many ways over the years, and have crushed the personal element of F1 to me. A shame but true, more organised analysis of my feels on this subject will become apparent over the coming months, but the all British B team of Button (the definition of average) and B-Hamilton will surely shine through in the press (see what I did there).

I would also like to touch on Giancarlo Fisichella, who in 1997 was making his big impact on F1, one of the bright new Italian talents (along with Trulli) who has decided to quit F1 and become Ferrari reserve driver, he was talked about like so many others since as a new precocious talent, without ever really finding his peak. That baton for me, for 2010 has passed onto Kamui Kobayashi, a fast, ballsey spiky haired Japanese talent, let’s hope he doesn’t turn out to be a promising nearly man like his 1997 equivalent Ukyo Katayama.

The race, dull as so many are, things will improve sometimes it’s nice just to veg out in front of F1, some of my memorable races have seen mid grid cars run in unexpected positions, Hill Hungary 97 Arrows nearly winning, Mazzacane USA 2000 running 4th. The wonder is still there, the miracle of F1 is in the detail, sorry people this is a specialised geek sport. Long may it rein!!

More F1 musings soon.

*may contain politics