The 2010 Title Decider

Well another season is almost over and for the most part I have been impressed with the quality of the racing over the year, however who deserves to be the champion? Lets look at the options in no particular order:

Mark Webber

For many the “People’s Champion” Mark epitomises the passionate racer who simply loves what he does for a living. At one point a massive lead looked set to give Webber the title but that disastrous Korean Grand Prix set him back.

He cannot afford to pootle round at this race, but must finish at least fifth giving him 10 points to clear Alonso, with him scoring no points. Having a stronger team mate than Alonso has with Massa this season should help him in terms of strategy, but any dodgy team orders will surely leave a nasty taste in the mouth of fans worldwide, or would it when we look at his biggest title challenger.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso has brought the Scuderia back this season, starting with a spectacular win on his debut for the team at Bahrain. Along with that strong point scoring drives, podium places reminiscent of his Renault championships have kept him in the hunt.

Confidently stating that he would be in the hunt for the title at the seasons end seemed ludicrous at the continued dominance of Red Bull but he managed to win at Italy and Singapore to bring himself right back into the fight.

For all that, the car swap team orders at the German Grand Prix have tarnished what has been a superb fighting comeback over the season. He is in a dominant position in terms of points, but perhaps less in terms of morals!

Sebastian Vettel

On the face of it Red Bull’s “Number One” driver, given preferential treatment by the team at Silverstone with the wing-gate incident. No matter what Seb is a future world champion, his spectacular drive for his first win at Monza set the stall for his career.

Mathematically if the other three contenders all fall out then Seb simply needs to finish 2nd or higher. The fact that he is not the

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis simply has to win to get the 2010 crown, but the other contenders all need to not finish in the points a massive undertaking. McLaren have had a reasonable season with both drivers winning races, but Hamilton overall has been the dominant partner in terms of laps led over his team mate and points scored.

In free practice McLaren looked good so he has potential to be in the title deciding mix, although more likely to be affecting others battles than winning outright.

My own view

Written before qualifying, this is my stab in the dark as to what’s going to happen. I feel that Alonso will simply aim to finish second in the race in another classic “percentage” performance, the race pace of McLaren is going to be his biggest obstacle to that but i can see something affecting Webber in the Red Bull.

Can nice guys win in F1? I for one hope so, COME ON MARK! (For 2010 at least!)

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