Bahrain 2010

Just a few words on the first race, well the new season is here in a new decade promising excitement, no politics*, and excitement. New teams are here in the shape of Lotus, Virgin Racing and HRT; new teams are always exciting and it’s good to have some proper backmarker potential for a chance, Toyotas 2001 entry was just too slick and well planned, points after a first race, pah! Apart from that the reappearance of Mr Michael Schumacher is frankly way beyond cool to me, the guy had faults just like Senna, Prost, Mansell, before him but my god some of his race victories will live forever. Hungary 1998 will never be forgotten by me, a sublime performance.

To briefly go to the opposite of sublime performance for a moment, this post marks my first foray into McLaren hating territory the grey team from Woking to me symbolises the death star F1 team, the ultimate in Formula One supporting menace. Those brave grey boys from McLaren have destroyed F1 for me in many ways over the years, and have crushed the personal element of F1 to me. A shame but true, more organised analysis of my feels on this subject will become apparent over the coming months, but the all British B team of Button (the definition of average) and B-Hamilton will surely shine through in the press (see what I did there).

I would also like to touch on Giancarlo Fisichella, who in 1997 was making his big impact on F1, one of the bright new Italian talents (along with Trulli) who has decided to quit F1 and become Ferrari reserve driver, he was talked about like so many others since as a new precocious talent, without ever really finding his peak. That baton for me, for 2010 has passed onto Kamui Kobayashi, a fast, ballsey spiky haired Japanese talent, let’s hope he doesn’t turn out to be a promising nearly man like his 1997 equivalent Ukyo Katayama.

The race, dull as so many are, things will improve sometimes it’s nice just to veg out in front of F1, some of my memorable races have seen mid grid cars run in unexpected positions, Hill Hungary 97 Arrows nearly winning, Mazzacane USA 2000 running 4th. The wonder is still there, the miracle of F1 is in the detail, sorry people this is a specialised geek sport. Long may it rein!!

More F1 musings soon.

*may contain politics

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