Monza Signs New Contract

Racing at one of F1’s historic venues is secure with the news that Monza has signed a five year extension. Monza has thrown up some exciting races even in the brief time I’ve watched F1, 97 with Alesi on pole and looking sure for the win only for Coulthard to pip him in a pitstop, 99 with Frentzen winning in the Jordan and Hakkinen crashing then crying in the woods and of course Vettel winning the race for Minardi (sorry Scuderia Torro Rosso, sorry Torro Rosso).

Formula 1 is a world away from the sport I started watching in 1997 even, things have to move and some of the new tracks have been dreadful, but every year dull races get thrown up and no matter if it’s an historic or new venue it is sometimes just dull to watch, like football is sometimes, like rugby is always (sorry rugby fans). I never apologise for the dull events to anyone, I just look forward to the next race.

My personal favourite Monza moment? Well sadly it’s not a real one, it involves a very old F1 game called Grand Prix 2, I played this game for years and years, working on setups and just having fun with it. Towards the end with highly tuned setups I could even race the back of the grid cars to race victories and one I still think about now was using David Brabham’s Simtek-Ford to win at Monza, on the ace difficulty level, lap after lap holding the speedier Michael Schumacher behind me. Would that be anyone elses favourite Monza moment? Well everyone loves an underdog, and although Torro Rosso was well funded when it won that race, it did so with class a wry smile crossing my face, as the commentators celebrated Vettels historic win, I felt like I’d already achieved that many years ago with the Simtek Ford, what Nick Wirth would have given for that in real life during that awful awful season.

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